Don’t Keep Your Head in the Sand!

If you are in the channel and you are not taking the time to understand the current regulatory environment or more importantly, the pending regulatory environment, you are doing your company a disservice. There are many issues that are being debated in Congress, the FCC and the state PUCs that, ultimately, will impact the way […]

Why Managed Security? Why Not?

While working on an article for the July issue of PHONE+, I have been talking to many companies about managed network security services — you know, firewall, antivirus, etc., as upsells to DSL and T1 access. We have written about the topic in PHONE+, and we have even held seminars on it at previous Channel […]

Arbitration: A Double-Edged Sword

Most agreements, including most telecommunications agreements, contain language identifying the forum in which disputes will be resolved. To an everincreasing degree, telecommunications agreements require the parties to submit their disputes to arbitration. Although these provisions can be among the most important in any agreement, they are little understood, buried in the boilerplate at the end […]

CustomCall Adds Local Service Provisioning via StreamLine Sales Interface

CustomCall Data Systems (Booth 214) has expanded the capabilities of its StreamLine Sales Interface to enable agents to submit orders for local dial tone service. In most cases, local service orders can be processed seamlessly through EDI platforms upon order validation. The StreamLine Sales Interface allows field sales personnel to perform numerous common functions over […]

Carrier Channel: Carriers Agree to Settlement in Rights-of-Way Land Disputes

Posted: 9/2003 Carriers Agree to Settlement in Rights-of-Way Land Disputes By Josh Long A judge has granted preliminary approval of a settlement agreement in a class-action lawsuit charging four telecommunications carriers with laying fiber cables on rights of way controlled by railroads without getting the permission of the adjacent landowners. Up to 360,000 plaintiffs are […]

Carrier Channel: Open & Shut Cases

Posted: 3/2003 Open & Shut Cases Cablecos Allow Access to Data Networks on Selective Basis By Josh Long The country’s largest cable operators say they are in ongoing talks to open their networks to more ISPs, but some analysts say they have little financial incentive to enter these agreements, particularly with smaller Internet providers. Comcast […]

Round Table

Posted: 3/2003 …ON THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION’S NATIONAL DO-NOT-CALL LIST. "The FTC is singling out this form of advertising now, what will be next?" –Robert Weintzen, president, Direct Marketing Association, one of the organizations that filed suit in late January against the FTC’s national do-not-call list on the grounds the registry unlawfully restricts free speech […]

Supreme Court Set to Decide on Review of Antitrust Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide soon whether or not to review an appeals court ruling that already has paved the way for widespread antitrust litigation against the Baby Bells. The nation’s highest court, which is inundated with thousands of petitions every year to review appellate court decisions, could decide as early as […]

Round Table

Posted: 2/2002 Round Table   On FCC enforcement of Bell Section 271 compliance …  “As the BOCs continue to gain Section 271 approvals, the bureau may be getting more 271 complaints on backsliding in the coming months. We’re committed to handling them as quickly as we can. But [remember that] the purpose of enforcement is […]

Hanging in the Balance

Posted: 12/2001 Hanging in the Balance Industry’s Future at Stake as Justices Weigh 10 Telecom Cases By Kim Sunderland A landmark U.S. Supreme Court session for the telecommunications industry will focus on 10 cases that present crucial questions regarding the costs of local telephone and high-speed Internet services. The decisions go straight to the heart […]

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