Should You Recommend IP Telephony?

Anyone listening too casually to industry hype for the past few years might have the mistaken belief that implementing an IP telephony system is some sort of holy grail, an answer to a myriad of problems cost savings issues being chief among them. While its true that IP telephony offers impressive benefits for some companies, […]

The Big Move to IP

Each companys migration to IP will be a little different depending on their lines of business, goals, current infrastructure, budget and other factors. Among some more common scenarios, however, are moving from TDM to IP, consolidating multilocation systems into a single IP network and adding mobility features. The following case studies illustrate each of these […]

Former WorldCom Chief Awaits Sentence

Bernard Ebbers, the former chief executive of WorldCom, symbolized an era of corporate malfeasance that drove some of the world’s largest and most venerated companies into ruin. Convicted by a jury last month of spearheading an $11 billion accounting fraud that led to the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history, the 63-year-old Ebbers could spend the […]

Arbitration: A Double-Edged Sword

Most agreements, including most telecommunications agreements, contain language identifying the forum in which disputes will be resolved. To an everincreasing degree, telecommunications agreements require the parties to submit their disputes to arbitration. Although these provisions can be among the most important in any agreement, they are little understood, buried in the boilerplate at the end […]

Broadband Deregulation on Shaky Ground

Posted: 12/2003 Broadband Deregulation on Shaky Ground Laywers: Cable-Modem Ruling Undercuts Parity Case By Josh Long Sue Ashdown, president of the American ISP Association, says a recent court ruling may compel the FCC to think twice about easing the rules requiring the countrys largest local phone companies to open their broadband networks for use by […]

Case Study

Posted: 7/2003 Case Study BasicPhone Boosts Customer Service Quality with Secure, Instant Messaging Texas-based BasicPhone Inc., a provider of long-distance and residential phone services in 12 states, has found instant messaging (IM) to be key to its successful customer service processes and policies. After researching available enterprise IM offerings, BasicPhone tested several competitive products and […]

Supreme Court Set to Decide on Review of Antitrust Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide soon whether or not to review an appeals court ruling that already has paved the way for widespread antitrust litigation against the Baby Bells. The nation’s highest court, which is inundated with thousands of petitions every year to review appellate court decisions, could decide as early as […]

The Letter: A Matter of Antitrust

Posted: 08/2002 A Matter of Antitrust WHEN A DOOR IS CLOSED, SOMEWHERE a window is opened. Or should I say, "cracked." For competitive telecom carriers that window of opportunity may be a mid-June federal appeals court ruling that said consumers can sue their local telephone companies for antitrust violations. The ruling came as a result […]

WorldCom Agents: Where is Our July Check?

WorldCom Inc., the telecommunications titan that last month filed the largest bankruptcy petition in U.S. history, has not paid independent sales representatives their July commission checks. Some agents said this week WorldCom has not communicated fully whether the carrier would pay them or treat them as an unsecured creditor. Independent sales representatives often are listed […]


Posted: 07/2002 THE CASE FOR HOSTED CALL CONTROL NETWORK PROVIDERS By Alex Petrov For much of its history, telephony espoused technologies that favored vertical integration. Therefore, it is not surprising that most softswitch-based network implementations to date have been vertical as well. However, in the times of austerity, the need to maximize efficiency brings outsourcing […]

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