Blackberry Jungle

AS ANY PARENT OR RECENT COLLEGE grad knows, school is a far more rigorous environment than it used to be. The infusion of the Internet and cellular technology into campus fundamentally has altered the academic process and the capabilities of school administrators. For wireless dealers, learning to navigate the education vertical can pay off not […]

Agents Unplugged

Agents and resellers who ignore the wireless market will do so at their peril. That’s the word from panelists of today’s Mobile and Fixed Cellular session. "Wireless is a more convenient and less expensive solution for businesses, so the embedded based of wireline is eroding rapidly," says panelist John Horn, national director of the VAR […]

Business News – STAR To Spin Off European Operations

Posted: 06/1999 STAR To Spin Off European Operations By Khali Henderson STAR Telecommunications Inc., Santa Barbara, Calif., has announced it will be spinning off and consolidating its European operations under a wholly owned subsidiary called Apollo Communications. The move is designed to better leverage the value of the European asset by separating it from its […]

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