All for One

IF YOU SAID A TELECOM AGENT was like a man without a country, that would have been true a decade ago. There was no professional association and no networking event for up-and-coming indirect sales organizations. That began to change in 1997 when a group of agents got together to discuss the need for such a […]

Soap Box: Not All Contracts are Created Equal

Posted: 3/2004 Not All Contracts are Created EqualBy Jim Gledhill and Bill Power Jim Gledhill Bill Power Some lessons are very expensive to learn. Heres one for agents compliments of the Agent Alliance: Your contracts with your providers are among the most important documents you will ever sign. The Agent Alliance was formed six years […]

TAG: Into the Breach: PRM Systems for Master Agents

Posted: 6/2003 Into the Breach: PRM Systems for Master Agents By Tara Seals Partner-vendor relationship portals and extranets have become as common as watermelon at summer picnics, but until recently master agents could only look on longingly as partner relationship management (PRM) vendors tailored their tools to the carrier or service provider. Now, with the […]

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