Wholesale Channel Links

Posted: 11/2001 Wholesale Channel Links   Wholesale Channel Links 3R Soft Inc. www.3rsoft.comAccess One Inc. www.accessoneinc.comAlaska Native Wireless LLC www.attws.comAmeritech Corp. www.ameritech.comATLANTIC-ACM www.atlantic-acm.comBellSouth Corp. www.bellsouth.comCapRock Communications Corp. www.caprock.comCisco Systems Inc. Data Corp. Ltd. www.idc.comEasyLink Services Corp. www.easylink.comElectric Mail Company Inc. www.electricmail.comFederal Communications Commission www.fcc.govFrost & Sullivan www.frost.comGartner Inc. www.gartner.comJamcracker Enterprise Inc. www.jamecracker.comIDC www.idc.comLightyear Communications […]

Business News – ADDS, MOVES & CHANGES

Posted: 08/2000 ADDS, MOVES & CHANGES Sprint PCS president and COO Andrew Sukawaty has left the company to pursue other opportunities. Ronald T. LeMay, president and COO of Sprint Corp. (, will replace him on an interim basis. Sukawaty, 44, acted as a consultant to LeMay for his last month with the company to assist […]

Business News – ADDS, MOVES & CHANGES

Posted: 06/2000 ADDS, MOVES & CHANGES CapRock Communications Corp. ( has named Ed Mulcahy to direct CapRock’s carrier sales division. Mulcahy previously was vice president of wholesale sales for Qwest Communications International Inc. and held the same title at the former Frontier Corporation. He also was director of carrier sales for Southern Pacific Telecom. Andrew […]

AT&T to Build Metro Network with Help from SomeFriends

Posted: 02/2000 AT&T to Build Metro Network with Help from Some Friends By Liz Montalbano AT&T Corp. ( has contracted with three carriers to build a fiber optic network linking 30 major U.S. metropolitan areas. Working with CapRock Communications Corp. (, PF.Net and Touch America, Inc. (, AT&T will overlay the new conduit and fiber […]

Adelphia To Use CapRock Network in Texas

Posted: 12/1999 Adelphia To Use CapRock Network in Texas Dallas-based CapRock Communications Corp. and Adelphia Business Solutions, formerly Hyperion Communications Inc., Coudersport, Pa., have announced a 30-year, $7.2 million indefeasible right of use (IRU) agreement that grants Adelphia access to several Texas markets using 1,208 route miles of CapRock’s synchronous optical network (SONET)-based fiber optic […]

The "New" Regional Long DistanceCompanies

Posted: 11/1999 The "New" Regional Long Distance Companies By Ken Branson In baseball, coaches call it staying within yourself–the art of hitting the ball hard and consistently, but not necessarily far. It is advice several competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) seem to have taken to heart. They have concluded–and their routes to this conclusion vary–that […]

Business News – CapRock, Hyperion Sign IRU, Broadband Initiative Launched

Posted: 08/1999 CapRock, Hyperion Sign IRU, Broadband Initiative Launched CapRock Communications Corp., Dallas, has signed an indefeasible right of use (IRU) agreement with Hyperion Communications, a Coudersport, Pa.-based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC). The IRU grants Hyperion a long-term license to about 1,650 route miles of long-haul fiber that will pass through more than seven […]

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