XO Expands Service Throughout Canada

XO’s Canadian network uses redundant metro fiber rings and multiple, diverse long-haul fiber routes that span the country, terminating in the XO hub in Toronto.

Avnet Intros 3 New Services

Avnet Technology Solutions has announced Healthcare Provider Portal, Middleware Infrastructure Automation, and Social Business in the Cloud.

Granite Extends Agent Program to Canada

Reseller Granite Telecommunications has expanded its footprint to include Canada, and is pursuing indirect sales agents in the U.S. and Canada to sell in the new territory under an expanded North American agent program.

Customer Sues After Phone Bill Exposes Her Affair

Here’s a new one: If you have an affair and your spouse leaves you, try blaming your communications provider. Sue them for $600,000 and see what happens. That’s exactly what’s going on in Canada, where a Toronto woman says a change in Rogers Wireless’ billing practices caused her husband to find out about her extramarital […]

snom, ScopServ Partner

snom technology AG has announced the integration and certification of its VoIP phone portfolio with ScopTEL IP PBX Telephony Server and related applications from the Canada-based ScopServ International Inc. After testing and evaluation in both companies’ respective labs, ScopServ’s suite of IP PBX management tools achieved full certification as tested and interoperable with snom’s full […]

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