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Two OEMs, Two OSs

Too often we assume that the advanced attendant features and queues offered by a basic PBX will suffice for an SMB running a call center.

Volo Debuts i-911 Service

Wholesale provider Volo Communications this week said it now offers a ubiquitous 911 solution to CLECs, IXCs, cable and wireless operators, ISPs and resellers throughout North America. The company is using technology developer HBF Group Inc.’s 911 service, i-911, and says it lets providers make VoIP a primary offering. Part of Volos VoiceOne Information Service (VOIS), […]

What’s Next in International Wholesale?

Profound change lies ahead for the international wholesale market. A very few may have detected its imminence and possibly its scale, which is likely to be equivalent in magnitude to the emergence of refile in the mid-1990s following market liberalization. At the time, control of international wholesale and its pricing structures began to slip from […]

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