C Block


700MHz: Verizon Wins C Block, FCC De-Links D Block

Verizon Wireless secured C Block licenses nationwide with a $4.74 billion bid, the FCC revealed Thursday. The C Block comes with the open-access provisions fought for by Google. Verizon late last year said it would open its network to other devices and applications, responding to Google’s push. Agency officials werent expected to unveil 700MHz winning […]

700MHz Auction Raises Record Amount, D Block Doesnt Sell

The 700MHz spectrum auction closed on Tuesday after raising more money than any other FCC auction. After eight weeks and 261 rounds, the auction netted $19.6 billion, far more than the projected $10 billion. Despite two months of activity, however, the D Block intended for a public-private first responder partnership did not sell. On the […]

Offer Ends C Block Bidding, Triggers Open Access Provisions

Things have taken a turn for the better in the 700MHz spectrum auction. After a couple of days of uncertainty, a bid came through that triggered the open access provisions on the nationwide C Block. The offer amount also ended bidding on that block, but the winner wont be named until the other portions have […]

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