Divine Intervention: Jim Butler

Like most telecom agents, Jim Butler has decades of industry experience and sales success, including nine years as a top salesman with a regional long-distance company in Southern California along with serving as a founding member of the Agent Alliance. And like most entrepreneurs, he works long hours as founder and president of agency TeleCHOICE […]

Is the Other Shoe About to Drop?

The conversation started out innocently enough. I asked E.J. Butler how PAETEC Communications Inc., the CLEC where he serves as COO, might offer some help to UNE-P resellers that are executing “Plan B.” He, like others I consulted for this month’s cover story on UNE-P migration strategies (see story), was candid about where these companies […]

Distributors Find a Home with Easton Telecom

Easton Telecom Services LLC (Booth 425) is expanding its product mix to allow distributors greater flexibility when selling accounts with multiple locations and diverse product needs. This quarter, Easton will partner with a second DSL provider and additional local service providers. By diversifying the product line, Easton will be able to offer more competitive rates […]

Wholesale Channel: New PaeTec Partner Targets Resellers

Posted: 1/2002 Wholesale Channel New PaeTec Partner Targets Resellers By Tara Seals  E.J. Butler, president wholesale markets group/ network services, PaeTec Facilities-based integrated communications provider PaeTec Communications Inc. has positioned its wholesale channel as a complement to its other business segments. With the launch of a bundled solution tailored for resale, PaeTec offers resellers the […]

Wholesale: Empire One Builds New Wholesale Offer

Posted: 11/2000 Empire One Builds New Wholesale Offer By Khali Henderson Just when many emerging carriers are shrinking or abandoning their wholesale activities, retail carrier Empire One Telecommunications Inc. (www.verizon.com). Empire One plans to install another switch from the merged DTI Networks-CopperCom Inc. (

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