Cloud Computing ‘May Be a Lot of Hot Air’

Despite the fact that "cloud" has become a ubiquitous technology term, more than half of IT pros who responded to a new survey said it’s "too risky for prime time" and only suitable for commodity applications like CRM and email.

ADTRAN Supports Integra’s Ethernet Services

The deployment of the Ethernet over TDM solution will ensure that nearly every business throughout Integra’s service territory will be able to obtain carrier-grade business Ethernet service regardless of their location to fiber or copper DSL.

Survey: Cloud Adoption Very Slow

IT organizations may not be adequately prepared for the move to the cloud, as almost half said their staffs arent ready to do it.

Businesses Can Learn From Twitter Lawsuit

The Chicago group that sued one of its tenants over a critical Twitter post is probably not too happy with all of the negative attention it’s received since going to court. Mold in one of its apartments is now the least of its concerns. Writing for PC World, David Coursey lists five lessons businesses can […]

Covad Wireless Gets a New Fiber Backbone

Covad Wireless has completed its deployment of a new high-capacity fiber backbone in its Southern California and San Francisco Bay Area markets. The idea is to supercharge high performance by providing a shorter and quicker path to the Internet. It also increases reliability by providing redundant network paths; if a network router or circuit fails, […]

TNCI Launches TNCInet

TNCI (Booth 211), a Channel Partners Conference & Expo sponsor, today unveiled TNCInet, a VoIP service for businesses. The product provides enhanced features such as unified communications, find me/follow me, IP call center beyond the PBX, and a service delivery platform for most IP applications. Businesses are able to choose the TNCInet user package that […]

XO Expands IP Portfolio

XO Communications (Booth 201-203), a sponsor of the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, has expanded its IP portfolio to include PBX and SIP technology, and integrated the XOptions Flex VoIP product with its MPLS IP-VPN. The new products are called XO One iPBX and XO SIP. The services target businesses and enterprises. XO is leading […]

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