What’s Next in International Wholesale?

Profound change lies ahead for the international wholesale market. A very few may have detected its imminence and possibly its scale, which is likely to be equivalent in magnitude to the emergence of refile in the mid-1990s following market liberalization. At the time, control of international wholesale and its pricing structures began to slip from […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: Confidence Builders

Posted: 07/2002 Confidence Builders Data Backup Providers Seek Trusted Resellers By Khali Henderson WHILE DISASTER PLANNING REMAINS TOP OF THE mind for many companies, trusted telecom and datacom vendors have an opportunity to provide data storage to their installed bases. But providing managed storage services is a major undertaking, requiring storage infrastructure and expertise. Instead, […]

Residual Value Separates the Builders from the Scavengers

Posted: 09/1998 Residual Value Separates the Builders from the Scavengers By Casey Freymuth The single-most important aspect in any business model is a factor whose elusiveness often causes it to be virtually ignored in operational planning and investment. Yet, without it, earnings are as stable as today’s outstanding receivable and tomorrow’s close rate. Its name […]

Bandwidth Builders Employ Wholesale Strategies

Posted: 08/1998 Bandwidth Builders Employ Wholesale Strategies Resellers Run Gamut of IXCs, CLECs and ISPs By Ken Branson Kent Lanum, director of brand management at UniDial Communications Inc., says it succinctly: "Voice will go wherever data goes." With data traffic growing by 30 to 40 percent annually, and voice plugging along at 5 percent or […]

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