Weve Come a Long Way

This month marks the 20th anniversary of PHONE+. Most of you know that we have been celebrating all year long, but since October was the official launch issue, I wanted to note the occasion by thanking all of our readers for sticking with us over the past two decades. Surprisingly, many of you have been […]

Bruce Berry

Company Name: eGix Inc. How long have you been reading PHONE+?: About 15 of the 20 years. Why do you read PHONE+?: It provides informed views of the industries trends and direction. Where did you work in 1987?: Boston What was your title in 1987?: Product Manager What do you remember most about 1987?: It […]

Rockin the Channel:

The band plays Drais at the Barbary Coast Casino at the Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas earlier this year. The OC-192 Band members dont want to work they just want to bang on their drums all day! If youve been to a telecom event in past decade, chances are youve seen Bruce Barnes, Greg […]

Round Table

Posted: 1/2004 … ON NOV. 24, THE DAY WIRELESS PROVIDERS WERE REQUIRED TO IMPLEMENT LOCAL NUMBER PORTABILITY, ALLOWING CUSTOMERS TO KEEP THEIR PHONE NUMBERS. Todays implementation of wireless local number portability is the advent of true intermodal competition. Kathleen Abernathy, Commissioner, FCC There have not been long lines in the stores, but there has been […]

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