Wholesale Channel – News Briefs

Posted: 12/2001 Wholesale Channel News Briefs * Williams Communications Group Inc. circumvented local access providers, including the Baby Bells, and linked its long-distance network to about 80 metro access points in 17 cities. The Tulsa, Okla.-based carrier’s carrier plans to link its network to about 100 sites in 20 cities by the end of the […]

Point-and-Click OSS Requires Cut, Paste

Posted: 11/2001 Point-and-Click OSS Requires Cut, Paste By Fred DawsonAmidst the steady drumbeat of vendor announcements promising point-and-click bliss with implementation of next-generation operations support systems, the experiences of carriers seeking to create a customer-friendly operating environment attest to something closer to grunt and grind.True, new IP-based, web-oriented approaches to OSS integration, provisioning and billing […]

Partner Channel – NEWS BRIEFS

Posted: 10/2001 Partner Channel NEWS BRIEFS* Inc. ( has launched three enterprise ser vices for its customers. First, Provisioning Advantage dedicates a specialist to a contracted circuit to ensure carriers complete the step-by-step provisioning process on schedule, alerting the customer of non-compliance. Clients can access online status reports via’s Bandwidth Operating System Software […]

Stock Watch – Market Climbs on Long-Term View

Posted: 07/2001 Stock Watch Market Climbs on Long-Term View The Federal Reserve’s rate cut of 50 basis points announced on the last day of our trading session (May 15) failed to rally Wall Street, but the more positive outlook on the economy gave a boost to the market. The rate cut, the fifth this year, […]

Wholesale – Soliton Solution

Posted: 05/2001 Wholesale The Soliton Solution Packing Multiple Photonic Signal Streams into Single Wave Gets Powerful Results By Josh Long Imagine the savings a trucker could realize if he didn’t have to refuel from Boston to Chicago. In the optical business, that is what Corvis Corp. ( says its new product can do–support a truckload […]

Wholesale: News Briefs

Posted: 01/2001 News Briefs * Broadwing Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Broadwing Inc. (, has purchased CIENA Corp.’s ( MultiWave CoreDirector to deploy on its nationwide all-optical network as its platform for delivering next-generation communications services via an intelligent optical mesh network supported by automated, real-time optical provisioning, restoration, protection and switching. CoreDirector brings […]

Not Necessarily News

Posted: 12/2000 Overheard … … in his keynote address before CompTel in San Francisco … "The time for hype is over. … Customers are feeling that they have a better chance of finding a gold nugget in their backyard than they do of actually having a ‘killer app’ that lives up to its promise." –Richard […]

David Huber: The Joy of Seeing the Vision Through

Posted: 10/2000 David Huber: The Joy of Seeing the Vision Through By Ken Branson The vision of an all-optical network, unaided and unencumbered by electronics, did not originate with David Huber. But he’s held on to it for an awfully long time–since he finished graduate school at Brigham Young University more than 20 years ago.Huber […]

Wholesale: Deals Energize Carrier’s Carriers

Posted: 10/2000 Deals Energize Carrier’s Carriers By Khali Henderson With extensive rights of way and fiber networks, energy companies are not new to the carrier’s carrier business, but deals announced in August will supercharge several players’ wholesale telecommunications activities.Florida Power and Light’s ( intended $27 billion merger with Entergy Corp. ( will give its newly […]

Business News – Broadwing Takes Wing Over New York, Notre Dame

Posted: 10/2000 Broadwing Takes Wing Over New York, Notre Dame Broadwing Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Broadwing Inc. (, has received approval from the New York Public Service Commission to operate as a CLEC in that state, and it has filed for CLEC status in seven other states and the nation’s capital.Broadwing also has […]

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