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Peer-to-Peer Blog: Paella and Payola

If we are to allocate tax dollars to job creation efforts, I prefer they be applied to infrastructure rather than new entitlements.

Further Broadband Penetration Deconstruction

In a world where, we say that everyone has or wants an iPhone and cannot live without an iPod, we learn that 32 percent say, There is no need for the Internet. Expanding access to the Internet for 57 percent of respondents will do little to nothing to change their level of adoption.

Windstream Jumps Into Broadband Stimulus Fray

Windstream Corp. (WIN), like its larger Bell counterparts, has overcome its reluctance about the broadband stimulus. Applications for the second funding round were due Friday and yesterday at the two agencies doling out money, and Windstream said this week it decided to take part – this after the rural LEC last year expressed hesitation that the […]

LECs, Cable Change Minds About Broadband Stimulus

Two incumbent phone providers, and some cable operators, have changed their minds about pursuing broadband stimulus funds. Most notably, AT&T Inc. (T), Qwest Communications International Inc. (Q) and Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) have applied for government grant money, months after eschewing money available in the first broadband stimulus round. This week, though, the companies all divulged that the second […]

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