Bring Your Own Device


Bring Your Own Security to BYOD

When BYOD access is provided to corporate data and applications, the user is also bringing any downloaded or purchased applications, malware or viruses.

Sprint Offers BYOD Management for Businesses

Sprint says its solution addresses the key BYOD challenges of IT organizations security, administration and shared costs while allowing employees to use their preferred device for work purposes to be more productive.

Samsung Galaxy S III ‘SAFE’ for BYOD

Samsung says SAFE provides a comprehensive approach to making Android devices secure and manageable by meeting the rapidly evolving needs of IT and the growing number of businesses allowing employees to bring your own device” (BYOD) to work.

BT: IT Managers Back ‘BYOD’

Security’s an issue. Of employees who use their own device for work, one in three see no risk” in using their own device in a work context and just a quarter recognize the significant risk they pose to company security.

Cisco Introduces Unified Workspace

The Unified Workspace is not a product as much as it is a framework or collection of Cisco technologies including its virtual desktop, BYOD and intelligent network solutions.

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