Bring Your Own Device


Have a Solid BYOD Policy or Risk Major Security Breaches

The CYOD, choose your own device, option may not be as attractive cost-wise but ensures that full ownership of the device is retained by the company and eliminates any uncertainty in safeguarding information on the device.

BYOD: Employees Ignoring Heartbleed, Other Security Risks

A new study reveals that 10 percent of enterprise employees don’t even have a password, PIN or other security measure enabled on the mobile device they use for work purposes, potentially exposing organizations to grave risk.

Hey, You, Get Into Our Cloud!

Tomorrows technology-focused companies will orient themselves toward a model with a holistic approach  focused primarily on application, network and content environments that drive and enable a truly connected workforce.

The Mobile Printing Opportunity

Most companies dont realize that secure, reliable, cost-effective and within-the-firewall enterprise mobile printing solutions exist.

The Phone Is Dead

The desktop phone and the legacy wired infrastructure are going away because they are a waste of time and money to support.

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