Attract Big Spenders Without Breaking the Bank

Drawing on experience from insurance, real estate and manufacturing industries to supplement his work in telecom, Tim Basa, vice president of sales at BullsEye Telecom, plans to shoehorn a three-day clinic of dos and donts into todays session, Marketing for Maximum Profit, for agents targeting large, multisite businesses. Companies are wasting a lot of time […]

Breaking Away

SMALL BUSINESSES ARE BECOMING more mobile as their workplaces extend beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar offices of the past, according to a recent survey conducted by the American Small Business Travelers Alliance (ASBTA), a national alliance that provides services focused on the travel needs of small business owners. This is good news for dealers targeting the […]

Breaking Bad Habits

Posted: 11/2003 Breaking Bad Habits Simple Fixes to Common Customer Care Blunders By Jim Marsh Telecom players extol their commitments to customer service. Every providers marketing materials profess to focus on the customer and the advantages prospects will gain from being part of the carriers family. Yet, once a service provider has gained a customer, […]

Soap Box – Breaking the Bottlenecks: The Telecom Act at 5

Posted: 02/2001 Breaking the Bottlenecks: The Telecom Act at 5 By H. Russell Frisby Jr. As I write this, the nation emerges from a turbulent year; 2000 was full of unprecedented doubt and confusion in many key areas, political and economic. The controversies surrounding November’s presidential election and the wild ride that Wall Street gave […]

Breaking Ranks

Posted: 10/1998 Breaking Ranks Forecasts Vary for Telco Agents Turned CLECs By Gail Lawyer A new kind of competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) is on the horizon. They are former Bell company sales agents that have gained knowledge of the local phone business and developed close relationships with thousands of small to mid-sized business customers. […]

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