brands Launches Wireless Services, Adds AT&T as Dealer has launched cellular phone and wireless services and has announced AT&T Inc. as an authorized dealer. Newegg has 6 million registered customers. It is an online e-commerce company that has created a channel for manufacturers of computer hardware and software, consumer electronics and communications products. “This new division brings what will be the best […]

OnForce Launches PowerMatch

OnForce has launched PowerMatch, a matching engine that enables IT service buyers to find the providers that are best equipped to meet their needs. PowerMatch is based on more than a dozen carefully selected criteria, encompassing how well each providers skills, performance and location match an individual service request, OnForce said. When a work order […]

DBS Offers Wholesale Wireless and Enablement

Prepaid wireless company DBS Communications Inc. has launched Versent Mobile to serve the MVNO space as an enabler and wholesale airtime partner. Versent Mobile offers provisioning, billing, retail and customer care technology platforms; airtime on the Sprint-Nextel Corp. and Cingular Wireless networks; and operational consulting in designing, launching and running a wireless service offering. The […]

bcgi Becomes MVNO-Enabler

As MVNOs continue to proliferate, back-office companies are shifting into the role of enablers, and Boston Communications Group Inc. (bcgi) is no exception. It has announced launch and management services for these brand- and content-based second-tier mobile companies. bcgis MVNO Services Suite integrates the companys billing, access management, payment and network solutions with MVNO-focused technology […]

Big Big Brand MVNOs Need Back-Office Support

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are set to usher in a transformational era of brand marketing for wireless, and that’s bringing new backoffice considerations to the market. The appearance of private-label resellers of wireless minutes is hardly remarkable, but here’s what is: MVNOs from outside the communications sector - with names like Walt Disney Co., ESPN, […]


Posted: 09/2002 Outsourcers Turn Matchmakers with ‘MVNO in a Box’ By Khali Henderson THE MARRIAGE OF WIRELESS CARRIERS with consumer brands in a resale bond has been slow to take off in the Untied States. The so-called mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) model is suffering from a wait-and-see attitude — especially on the part of […]

Building Brands in Cyberspace

Posted: 03/1999 Building Brands in Cyberspace By Liz Montalbano In cyberspace, marketing is more than just finding a catchy way to get the masses to buy a product. There are myriad factors a brand considers when jockeying for position in a competitive industry–among them the speed of the Internet, the sheer number of users online […]

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