Posted: 04/2000 INTERNET IN A BOX New Network Edge Devices Deliver Sophisticated IP Services Internet services used to be so simple. By Charlotte Wolter A provider was a direct link to the Internet. Whatever bandwidth a user could muster to get to the ISP–usually a 28.8kbps dial-up pipe–opened a door to the raw Internet, and […]


IN-BOX Perfect Timing I am a distributor of prepaid phone cards in Baltimore, Md. My volume is high enough that I decided to make my own cards. I’m right now searching for carriers and so on. The timing of PHONE+ Prepaid (March issue) couldn’t have been better. Thank you. William Z. Rivkin Conquest Communications Pulsating […]


IN-BOX   Harvesting the Farm I had this model of the next next-generation network. I called it the network to end all the other networks. I’ve been following dense wave division multiplexing [DWDM] startups, and the cost of optical fiber connectors. You have storage area networks (SAN), say server farms, with huge amounts of content […]

IP Centrex Breaks Out of CO Box

Posted: 07/1999 IP Centrex Breaks Out of CO Box By Charlotte Wolter An IP Centrex system can be located almost anywhere in a network, and it can serve any number of remoteoffices seamlessly. One of the most distinct characteristics of the Internet is that it breaks down barriers of distance in networks–makes them irrelevant, in […]

The Programmable Network

Posted: 05/1998 The Programmable Network Multipurpose Platforms to Populate the Network By Paula Bernier The telephone network with an individual box for each function is fast becoming a thing of the past. The convergence of computers and telephony is ushering in a new paradigm in which a single "box" can easily serve multiple functions–and at […]

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