Canada Government to Nortel CEO: ‘You Can’t Snub Us’

Looks like Nortel CEO Mike Zafirofski’s polite decline to appear before Canada’s House of Commons today wasn’t good enough. Canadian lawmakers have now ordered him to appear Thursday to explain why top executives raked in big cash bonuses while pensioners and employees were seeing a reduction in benefits, all during the company’s bankruptcy proceedings. Zafirovski last […]

Sprints CEO Rakes in $15.5M in Compensation

Dan Hesse, CEO at Sprint-Nextel Corp. took home 30 percent bigger of a bonus for 2008 than expected, raking in $2.6 million. His overall compensation package came in at $15.5 million, with a base salary of $1.2 million. Sprint shares have lost more than 70 percent of their value since the beginning of 2008. It […]

Google Cuts Sales Jobs, Top Execs Reject Big Salaries

Search engine giant Google is giving 200 employees the ax. The sales and marketing workers are losing their jobs because executives say they “over-invested” in parts of the company. Earlier this year, Google let 100 recruiters go and announced 40 more people would get pink slips when the company reined in its advertising budget. While […]

TMC Celebrates 10 Years

TMC Communications (Booths 314-316) announced it is celebrating 10 years in business with two new promotions that give agents the opportunity to earn an extra 10 percent commission and huge cashback bonuses when they sell TMC voice and data products. The company also will host a series of celebratory events on the show floor. The […]

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