TBI, CenturyLink and the Art of the Big Deal

Master agency Telecom Brokerage Inc. is cashing in its investment in people and processes needed to serve the business and technology needs of large enterprises billing hundreds of thousands and, in one case, millions of dollars per month in network services.

CenturyLink Awards First Million-Dollar Bonus

The Million-Dollar Bonus program promises $1 million to any agent that grows their business with CenturyLink by $2 million a month during the five years beginning July 1, 2010.

Qwest Offers Agents Million-Dollar Bonus

Qwest Communications International Inc. rolled out two new bonus programs, including one with a million-dollar payout, to members of the Qwest Business Partner Program, effective July 1.

TNCI Promotion Pays on Sprint MPLS Ports

TNCI has launched a new promotion that gives agents the opportunity to earn up to 100 percent additional New Business Bonus (NBB) on Sprint MPLS ports ordered between Oct. 1, 2008 and Nov. 30, 2008. The 100 percent additional NBB is offered when customers sign a three-year term. Agents can earn 50 percent additional NBB […]

Silence Broken: AT&T’s Bob Sloan

They came. They merged. They became Americas largest phone company (again). And then the new AT&T Inc., the amalgamation of SBC, BellSouth and a number of smaller transactions, fell silent on its channel strategy for two years. AT&T’s Bob Sloan After months of promises, dealing with apologetic PR people and a half-serious threat to put […]

AT&T Announces Comp Changes, Background Checks

AT&T Inc. announced it will continue to favor upfront payments as opposed to residual commission (except for some legacy services), and will begin requiring background checks for its agents, sources close to the company told PHONE+. It also has changed its bonus structure in the agent contract. In a closed call for partners in the […]

Copper Conferencing Extends $5,000 Bonus Program

Copper Conferencing (Booth 112) has continued its $5,000 bonus opportunity for the channel until the end of the year. Qualified sales partners can earn a $5,000 bonus for each $5,000 in new monthly sales, in addition to their commissions. The promotion, termed the 500,000 Pennies Promotion, was originally launched at the PHONE+ Channel Partners Conference […]

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