Agents: Whats in your Brand?

By David Goodwin, Principal and Co-Founder, ATC As an independent agent, have you ever felt overpowered when calling on an enterprise customer or prospect? For example, how does your brand stack up against Sprint, Verizon or AT&T, to name a few? While no independent agent is going to have the brand recognition as the providers […]

Agent: A Dying Breed?

By Frank Ahearn, CEO, McGraw Communications Whatever happened to the traditional agent? You know, the one that was well versed in the technology they were representing, hard working, honest and had the customers best interest in mind. In my opinion agents are a dying breed. Not that there arent any out there but, they are […]

A Not So New (Edge) Strategy

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO The 2008 New Edge Strategy: more of the same. EarthLink CEO Rolla Huff spent time covering the New Edge strategy on the analyst call for fourth quarter 07. He did not rule out an acquisition, but has not seen one that makes sense yet. And the sense has to be a […]

Get Real About Booths

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO I attend quite a few different conferences throughout the year. I often wonder why some companies even bother with a booth. (And I wonder why some companies did not buy a booth.) At the recent VoIP Expo, two booths were running bi-hourly seminars. It certainly drew attention. Plus pitching one to […]

SIP Creating Buzz

By Ken Bisnoff, TelePacific Communications As we get closer to the 2008 Channel Partner Expo in Las Vegas (wow that was a fast year), it seems that each year there is a buzz word, technology or service that is on everyones lips. This year, I expect that word to be SIP.  In past years, that […]

Hosted IP PBX Preparing for the Test Drive

Brian Twomey, President, TNCI Last month I submitted to you that in order to maintain the winning offensive position which has driven our success we all need to start to understand the options associated with the IP PBX wave, and how to start to differentiate between the options being presented. While we all need to […]

Channel Partners Branch Out

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Sometimes people do read my blog. It led to a call from Jian Yi of China Netcom. China Netcom (CNC) is the No. 2 fixed-line operator in mainland China. China Netcom is looking for agents in the United States. I had a brief interview with the general manager of East Coast […]

AT&Ts 2008 Channel Conference

By Ian Kieninger, CDW AT&T’s theme this year’s event was DRIVE. The company’s overall 2008 strategy is “To help enterprises achieve velocity by delivering intelligent and secure networking, application enabling platforms, and business solutions expertise”. The conference, held Jan. 9 and 10 in Atlanta, was kicked off by Anne Chow, the vice president of select […]

Keeping Up

By Charles Cary, vice president of small business services, XO Communications Today’s evolution toward IP places a premium on agents keeping up with the latest technology and industry offerings. As such, they should place a premium on service providers and partners that provide the tools and training to help them stay abreast of developments. Processing […]

How Will Agents Master-Mind Change?

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Napoleon Hill in his best-selling effort, Think and Grow Rich, discusses the methods that millionaires achieved their wealth. One of the ways was the Master Mind Group. Edison and Ford were friends. They encouraged each other and supported each other. (When Edison’s labs burned down, Ford gave Edison a check to […]

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