Early Bird Drawing Winner, Chances to Win Cash and Prizes Announced

PHONE+ is pleased to announce the winner of its Early Bird Drawing, one of more than $13,000 in prizes that will be awarded to qualified indirect sales organizations attending the Spring 2006 Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Trade Show Manager Sarah Waschler announced Sheldon Charapp, CFO for Alternative Communications Consultants LLC (ACC) is the winner […]

Farewell to a Friend

Delivering a eulogy is never sought, but always taken to heart. In this spirit we say farewell to one of competitive telecoms pioneers. Michael L. Bird, 62, died at his home in Park City, Utah, Saturday, July 30, following nearly a year of respiratory difficulties. Mike was born in 1943, and spent his early years […]

Carrier Channel: Early Bird Gets E-Worm

Posted: 06/2000 Early Bird Gets E-Worm By Casey Freymuth The telecommunications sector is a permanent member of the Internet community. Hence, Internet services offerings are logical business extensions for telecommunications players, as is evinced in the Internet access and hosting initiatives of players..As the world’s businesses adapt and evolve with Internet and electronic commerce applications, […]

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