Bill Power


The Alliance Names New Chairman, Board Members

The channel industry association plans to spend the rest of the year adding new members, cultivating service-provider relationships and offering more benefits to its existing members.

Agent Alliance Objects to Carrier Terminations

To paraphrase a famous Hollywood movie line, “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.” So says the telecom industry group of agents known as the Agent Alliance in response to carriers’ unexpected termination of partnership agreements and refusal to pay agent commissions. During the recent board of directors meeting held […]

Agent Alliance Retools, Taps Insider as CEO

The Agent Alliance, a consortium of 16 telecom agencies, has dropped its volunteer-based management structure in favor of a full-time paid staff, including a CEO. The group has tapped alliance member company ARG to provide management services, including the leadership of its president Bill Power as the alliances new CEO. The groups part-time executive director Ernie […]

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