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Toshiba Telecom Shutdown: What Happened?

Our coverage of the pending Toshiba Telecom closure drew a lot of chatter from our readers. Read through our gallery to get the latest information and find out what your peers had to say.

Personality+: Ben Stiegler, Man of Note

Hardly one to toot his own horn, Ben Stiegler has dragged his a French model made in 1931 out of the closet to reprise his childhood pastime as the brass in not one, but two bands.

GM Driving Backward?

Ben Stiegler, CEO and Founder, Synertel News reports today named Ed Whitacre Jr., the former chairman of AT&T Inc., as the new chairman of the “new GM.” Ed ran AT&T from the time it was Southwestern Bell through the mergers to become SBC, gobbling up Pacific Telesis, Comcast Cellular (Cingular), SNET, Ameritech and AT&T whose […]

A Lick and a Promise

      Ben Stiegler, CEO and Founder, Synertel Recently, it seems like many of our business partners are operating from outer space. What do I mean? Their remaining staff and resources are spread so thin, they can’t perform the functions we rely on them to do … and when there is a problem, they […]

5 Green Technologies You Can Pitch

      Ben Stiegler, CEO and Founder, Synertel How much time do you spend traveling for business each year? Urban commutes, business trips to see customers, etc. Sometimes it seems we spend more time with Homeland Security than our intended meeting partner. Fortunately, several affordable green technologies are changing how people collaborate, commute and […]

Agent Roundtable 2009

The independent agents and subagents are the heart and soul of the carrier channel. And, this year is testing them on both counts. PHONE+ Editor in Chief Khali Henderson assembled a group of six agency owners to discuss the challenges and opportunities they are experiencing in selling carrier services and diversifying their offers. The two-hour […]

Under Nortels Skirts

      Ben Stiegler, CEO and Founder, Synertel Many in the industry look at Nortel Networks and wonder, “How did they get from top of the world to bottom of the heap?” An experience I had about nine years ago shed some light for me. At that time, we were doing a brisk business […]

Merger Manias Collateral Damage

      Ben Stiegler, CEO and founder, Synertel Of the many departing Washington from the Bush administration, one we will particularly not miss is Kevin Martin, ex-chairman of the FCC. Much has been written about net neutrality, the 700Mhz spectrum, intercarrier compensation and the digital TV conversion. But the untold story is about the […]

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