Posted: 10/2002 Overheard… "That is like saying, will murder continue? Ever since Cain slew Abel we’ve had it." — Ira Lee Sorkin, a former SEC regulator and former criminal prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, on whether the U.S. has seen the last of corporate accounting fraud. Just Say No Citizens of Norfolk Island in […]

Opinion: Clarification

Posted: 10/2002 Clarifications In the September Prepaid Supplement industry news, John Gill, former president of Global Prepaid Alliance Inc., was mistakenly identified as a founder of that organization. PHONE+ regrets the error. In an article, "End of the Line?," in the September issue of PHONE+, it was inaccurately stated that FiberNet Telecom Group was on […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: ATM Recharge

Posted: 09/2002 ATM Recharge Coming to America By Tara Seals SOMEDAY SOON, WHEN YOU’RE STANDING at an ATM machine, you could be presented with a menu that includes the typical withdrawal and deposit functions, along with the opportunity to buy stamps, get a bank statement and recharge your wireless prepaid account. ATM recharge allows consumers […]

Collaborative: Wire One Chooses Brix Networks to Verify QoS

Posted: 08/2002 Wire One Chooses Brix Networks to Verify QoS Wire One Technologies Inc. has chosen the Brix System service assurance solution from Brix Networks to verify the quality of its Glowpoint video over IP network backbone infrastructure and services it sells on a subscription basis to enterprises and on a wholesale basis to telecom […]

Collaborative: V-SPAN Signs Agreement with Masergy Communications

Posted: 08/2002 V-SPAN Signs Agreement with Masergy Communications V-SPAN Inc., a provider of retail and wholesale video conferencing services, has made a deal with Masergy Communications Inc. to use its inCONTROL Video platform, which is engineered to deliver guaranteed TV quality video conferencing under all network conditions. "The Masergy network solves the reliability issues related […]

WorldCom: “We Turned Ourselves In”

In remarks that seemed crafted to exonerate executives from what could be one of the largest fraud cases in U.S. history, WorldCom Inc. ( CEO John Sidgmore said late Wednesday his own management blew the whistle. WorldCom’s auditing committee “immediately” informed independent auditor KPMG LLP ( that the No. 2 long-distance carrier had inflated earnings […]

She’s Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Posted: 08/2000 She’s Laughing All the Way to the Bank BY LEILANI HAYWOOD Vital Stats Name: Melissa Craig Title: Founder and President Company: General Telecom Inc. Pleasures: Teaches dance, enjoys grueling exercises, takes stand-up comedy workshops. “I do a lot of fun things such as surfing and gardening,” she says. Management Philosophy: “I rely on […]

A Road Map for Internet Billing

Posted: 04/1999 A Road Map for Internet Billing Part Three of Three By Richard K. Crone When the numbers are evaluated objectively, as was done in parts one and two of this three-part series, the biller-controlled channels for Internet bill presentment and payment (IBPP), such as direct-at-the-biller’s-own-website, offer the greatest revenue and cost-reduction opportunities in […]

There’s Still Money in the Bank

Posted: 11/1998 There’s Still Money in the Bank By John T. Mulqueen Telecommunications costs a fortune. Incumbent carriers spend tens of billions of dollars annually expanding and maintaining their networks. Newcomers have the same burden when they try to ramp up their networks to crack open existing markets. And, Wall Street has been more than […]

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