Frontier Reinventing Itself … Again

Posted: 11/1998 Frontier Reinventing Itself … Again By Ken Branson "We’re a 100-year-old telecommunications company celebrating its first anniversary," says Joesph P. Clayton, the new president and CEO of Rochester, N.Y.-based Frontier Corp. Frontier, which sprang from the venerable Rochester Telephone Company, is in the midst of a transition, which began roughly at the time […]

Pump Up the Bandwidth

Posted: 08/1998 Pump Up the Bandwidth Long-haul applications for dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) are bigger, faster and better than ever. By Peter Meade Bigger, faster, better. While this is the time of the year when football coaches look for these qualities in their players, this quest is never out of season for long distance […]

Bandwidth Builders Employ Wholesale Strategies

Posted: 08/1998 Bandwidth Builders Employ Wholesale Strategies Resellers Run Gamut of IXCs, CLECs and ISPs By Ken Branson Kent Lanum, director of brand management at UniDial Communications Inc., says it succinctly: "Voice will go wherever data goes." With data traffic growing by 30 to 40 percent annually, and voice plugging along at 5 percent or […]

Are We Heading Toward a Commodity Market?

Posted: 08/1998 Are We Heading Toward a Commodity Market? International Bandwidth Exchanges Symptomatic of Emerging Supply-Demand Equation By Khali Henderson Sean Whelan wants to change the way bandwidth is bought and sold. His service, RateXchange, is a web-based "trading floor" for wholesale international telecom minutes and bandwidth. The goal, he says, is to streamline the […]

Standing Out in a Crowd

Posted: 02/1998 Standing Out in a Crowd The long distance market is a pretty crowded place. And with the entry of new satellite concerns, Internet telephony providers, resellers of all stripes, and–perhaps sooner than we all expected–the former Bell companies, it’s only going to get worse. On the up side, it’s the little guys that […]

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