Total Call International Touts B2B Program

Total Call International (Booths 325-326) launched a line of B2B solutions nationwide in February. Since the introduction of the new product line, Total Call has further developed relationships both with existing agents as well as exploring new ventures. The Business-to-Business program gives agents a way to diversify their product offerings and provide them with more […]

Total Call International Unveils B2B Solutions

Total Call International, a provider of telecommunication services, has created a new product line of B2B solutions that it is launching nationally. The company says the product line — made up of dedicated voice and Internet, integrated voice and data, business SDSL and audio conferencing — meets all the voice and data needs of small, […]

Confused? You’re Not Alone

Posted: 07/2000 Confused? You’re Not Alone Savvy marketers long ago learned to take advantage of marketplace confusion. And, boy, are they having a heyday now. Everybody and his brother are calling themselves an ASP–even under the very loosest of definitions–presumably to capture the mind share and wallets of consumers and Wall Street.In researching this month’s […]

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