Mapping Amazon Web Services

Chances are, your customers already know about Amazon Web Services do you? Our experts’ overview can help you get up to speed.


IF YOU ARE LIKE ME AND youve been in the telecom industry a long time, you might remember NextWave Telecom, one of the winners of the C-Block PCS auctions back in 1997. I followed them pretty closely for a number of years because they had a very interesting model they wanted to be a wireless […]

FCC Spectrum Auction Closes, T-Mobile Among Top Winners

The FCCs first auction of Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) spectrum licenses ended on Monday, with 104 bidders winning 1,087 licenses. FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin called the auction the biggest and most successful in the agencys history. The spectrum offered was the largest amount of spectrum suitable for deploying wireless broadband ever made available in […]

FCC Begins Auction 66

The FCC began a much-anticipated wireless spectrum auction on Wednesday, covering 1,122 licenses and 90Mhz of airwaves at 1710MHz to 1755MHz and 2110MHz to 2155 MHz, the largest chunk ever to be auctioned off in the United States. Auction 66, which has been delayed several times, could take weeks to complete, concluding only when all […]

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