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Markey Revives Net Neutrality Debate

Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., revived the net neutrality debate on Wednesday when he introduced the Internet Freedom Preservation Act. The bill appeared the day after Comcast Corp. filed comments with the FCC defending its need to manage its network however it chooses. Comcast faces criticism for apparently slowing P2P content such as that from Vuze, […]

FCC Names Qualified 700MHz Spectrum Auction Bidders

The FCC on Monday released the list of companies authorized to bid in the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction. AT&T Inc., Google Inc. and Verizon Wireless are among the big names. MetroPCS Communications Inc. and Vulcan Spectrum Management Inc., an investment firm backed by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen (Allen also is the majority shareholder of […]

The Google-Phone Effect

In the coming months, wireless dealers will be getting a bold new palette of handset options to offer their business customers. For one thing, devices built on Google Inc.’s Android platform, announced in November, should be making their way to market soon, adding another OS option to the already fragmented handset landscape. For another, the […]

Web Exclusive: Cable Cap Controversy

Now that the FCC has placed a 30 percent cap on cables market share, expect to see the matter go to court again. Thats because this isnt the first time the agency has capped cable. In 1992, Congress passed the Cable Act. The idea was to promote competition in so-called multichannel video programming. Part of […]

FCC Denies Verizon

The FCC In early December dealt Verizon Communications Inc. a bruising forbearance blow when it denied, unanimously, the companys request for UNE deregulation in six northeastern markets. The move didnt bode well for Qwest Communications International Inc., which has a similar petition pending. The decision came a day earlier than expected, on dec. 4, after […]

News Briefs: Vonage, Level 3, AT&T, PAETEC, TMC and more

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to extend a moratorium on state Internet access taxes for four years. The House voted 405-2 to keep the ban in place. It was scheduled to expire Nov. 1. The Senate now must decide where it stands. Vonage Holdings Corp. is facing another patent infringement suit, this time filed […]

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