Fees vs. Commissions: The Double-Dipping Debate

Some say lower commissions and more complex customer environments mean agents should charge their customers in addition to receiving commissions. Others say it’s double-dipping.

Building Employee Loyalty Best Practices for Keeping Staff

With the national unemployment rate of more than 10 percent, it may seem antithetical to be concerned with employee loyalty. Seriously, where would they go even if they wanted to leave? Well, they may not be able to jump ship immediately, but make no mistake, when the economy recovers, all bets are off. That means […]

In Search of SaaS Sales Success

Software as a service is not as plug-and-play as agents had hoped, but is there still opportunity to succeed in the SaaS market?

SaaS Migration Our Own Experience

By David Goodwin, Principal and Co-Founder, ATC Much has been written and discussed lately about Software as a Service (SaaS). I agree with the notion that the market for SaaS will eventually catch up to the hype. Customers typically dictate how quickly some of these new technologies emerge. By that, I mean, if the customers […]

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