5 Faces of Transformation

Channel Partners follows the transformation stories of five indirect sales partners agents, VARs and dealers.

Conferencing Gets Social

Conferencing implies a social activity, but over the years it has become anything but. Some vendors are getting wise and adding consumer-like video and social networking features into their collaboration platforms.

Ethernet Over Copper: The Perfect Pair

Once EoC establishes a name for itself with the same kinds of performance guarantees that its TDM brethren, agents can market and sell, essentially, T1s on steroids.

PAETEC Responds to Agent Concerns Over VAR Channel Conflict

Channel partners agents and VARs alike have concerns over a potential channel conflict created by PAETEC expanding its VAR strategy nationwide. PAETEC execs hope to assuage those fears, citing 10 years of experience and rules of engagement to avoid such situations.

XO Names Top Partners

Late last week, Jim Delis, vice president of Business Operations at XO Communications, announced the XO’s top 10 partners. The rankings were based on 2009 sales. The winning partners were: PlanetOne Communications Inc. Intelisys Communications Inc. Telecom Brokerage Inc. World Telecom Group X4 Communications Converged Network Services Group LLC Telarus Inc. Chasetek Inc. Advantage Communications […]

Building Employee Loyalty Best Practices for Keeping Staff

With the national unemployment rate of more than 10 percent, it may seem antithetical to be concerned with employee loyalty. Seriously, where would they go even if they wanted to leave? Well, they may not be able to jump ship immediately, but make no mistake, when the economy recovers, all bets are off. That means […]

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