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Apple iPad Market To Be Small, Niche and Not 3G

Guess what? The iPad, Apple Inc.s shiny new tablet computer, isnt meant to replace your phone or your laptop. Its not even really meant to be a 3G device. Its best target functionality might be acting as an augment to existing communications gadgets, in the home, used most likely over Wi-Fi. After the frenzy that […]

AT&T, Not Verizon, Snags Apple ‘iPad’

The Apple tablet, aka the tech world’s worst-kept secret, finally came into the light on Wednesday at a Bay Area launch event. The rumor mill got some things wrong: It’s not called the “iSlate,” but rather the “iPad;” and it won’t run on Verizon Wireless for 3G, but rather on the AT&T Inc. network. And […]

Apple Tablet/e-Reader: No Mystery Left?

As Apple Inc.s press event on Wednesday approaches, a series of leaks and contraband video clips have allowed us to cobble together a picture of just what the giant from Cupertino, Calif. will be unveiling. After months of speculation as to its existence, the tablet will be unveiled at 1 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday. In […]

Is Any Wireless Network Ready for Apple’s Tablet?

Apple has remained typically mum on any details regarding the launch of its new tablet computer at an event next week. Heck, we don’t even know for sure that it is the tablet, rumored to be called the “iSlate.” Some have speculated that the announcement is regarding a new version of the iPhone for the […]

Apple Tablet Latest: Jan. 27 Launch Event for New Creation Confirmed

Apple Inc. has officially confirmed that it will hold a press event Jan. 27, to announce its newest creation. Its widely expected that the giant from Cupertino, Calif., will be unveiling the long-rumored Apple tablet, dubbed in the press as the iSlate, whose ability to start a rumor-storm at its mere mention has been a […]

Verizon to Snag iPhone, Apple iSlate Tablet?

The fabled Apple Tablet, or ‘iSlate,’ is back in the rumor mill again with chatter that Verizon Wireless will be the 3G carrier for the device. Oh, and Verizon’s getting the iPhone too, according to analysts. Broadpoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall is saying that unnamed sources have told him that it’s a “certainty” that Verizon […]

Google Launches Nexus One, Shakes Up Delivery Models

Google Inc. is taking a page from Apple Inc., launching its own branded mobile phone this week – the first of many, apparently. But it’s also shaking up the accepted mobile delivery model by launching its own consumer electronics-type storefront for the gadget, in theory wresting away control from the carriers. Google execs were quick […]

Apple Tablet to Be Dubbed iSlate, Coming in March?

The Apple Tablet is definitely maybe coming soon, perhaps … and the latest scuttle is that is shall be dubbed the “iSlate.” The rumor can be credited to the MacRumors blog, which says it has evidence that in 2007, Apple bought the domain name “”; it also says it’s pieced together proof that Apple has […]

IDC: Apple Tablet a No-Brainer, 4G Lackluster

Research firm IDC has looked into its crystal ball for 2010, and says that the Apple tablet is a “no-brainer.” 4G however? Not so much, for now. “We predict that Apple will finally introduce this new device family, which is more of an oversized iPod Touch (8 inches, 10 inches) than a downsized Mac — […]

Apple Tablet Delayed Until Late 2010?

Ah, Apple Tablet. For a product that exists only in the ether of speculative journalism, it’s given us so much to talk about. Steve Jobs is allegedly micromanaging its development, Apple’s cut deals with newspapers and Conde Nast, and now comes the rumor that the launch date has been delayed to pave the way for […]

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