Whitacre Hands Over AT&T Reins

Ed Whitacre, one of the most influential and polarizing figures in telecom history, planned to retire from his post as AT&T Inc.s chairman and CEO in early June. The 65-year-old spent nearly two decades at the helm of SBC Communications Inc., a once poorly regarded regional Bell that Whitacre has transformed into a powerhouse. Ed […]

Sherm Henderson

THEN: Sherm Henderson was founder and CEO of Charter Network Inc., a long-distance reseller operating in the Ameritech region. “In 1987, I was real happy to be a long-distance provider in five states,” he recalls. NOW: Today, Henderson is CEO of Lightyear Network Solutions and chairman of COMPTEL. His company, formed in 1993 as UniDial, […]

Carl Grivner

THEN: In 1987, Carl Grivner was vice president of national sales at Ameritech, which was one of the newly created seven Baby Bell companies. It operated in five states of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. NOW: He is CEO of XO Communications, the country’s largest CLEC operating in 75 markets nationwide. XO has 4,800 […]

Qwest Names New Enterprise Sales VP

Qwest Communications International Inc. said on Thursday it has hired Neil E. Cox as its new vice president of central-region retail enterprise sales for the business markets group. The post takes effect June 15. Cox will work in Qwests Chicago office and report to Tom Richards, executive vice president of business markets group. Cox has […]

Telecom Taste Test?

Posted: 1/2004 Telecom Taste Test? Expert: Bell Win-Back, Cola Wars Campaigns Have Little in Common By Tara Seals In April 1985, one of the greatest missteps of modern marketing occurred: the Coca-Cola Co. unveiled New Coke, a product that lives in infamy. Not surprisingly, by July 1985, Classic Coke was back. But Coca-Colas once-mighty consumer […]

UNE Pricing

Posted: 11/2002 UNE Pricing: Facts & Fictions By Walt Blackwell AS AN INDUSTRY, WE HAVE MADE REAL progress in the nationwide availability of the UNE-Platform at reasonable rates. Many states, in particular, have acted on RBOC challenges to pricing and availability of unbundled network elements. Not surprisingly, the RBOCs are proving they would rather keep […]

Higher Power

Posted: 04/2002 Higher Power Baby Bells Intensify Probe of Inaccurate Reporting By Josh LongCOMPETITORS NEED TO BE CAREFUL how they report the percentage of intrastate long-distance traffic terminating on the incumbent’s network. The Baby Bells may not be the only ones watching.After a 14-month FBI-led investigation, Texas-based NTS Communications has agreed to pay Southwestern Bell […]

Partner Channel Links

Posted: 03/2002 PARTNER CHANNEL  Partner Channel Links AB&T Telecom www.abttelecom.comTheAgentsNetwork Inc. www.agents-network.comAir2Web www.air2web.comAmeriTech www.ameritech.comAT&T Corp. www.att.comBellSouth Corp. www.bellsouth.comBIS Inc. www.bisinc.netBritish Telecom & Wireless Inc. www.captaris.comCingular Wireless www.cingular.comCybertel Communications Corp. www.cybertelcorp.comEaston Telecom Services Inc. www.eastontelecom.comInsight Research Corporation www.insight-corp.comIntelisys Inc. www.intelisyscorp.comInternap Network Services Corp. www.internap.comUS Telebrokers Inc. www.planet1comm.comQwest Communications International Inc. www.qwest.comSBC Communications Inc. www.sbc.comSEVEN […]

Partner Channel Links

Posted: 2/2002 Partner Channel Partner Channel Links 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc. www.1-800-flowers.com500PLUS LLC www.500plus.comAmeritech www.ameritech.comAT&Tcorp. www.att.comBellSouth Corp. www.bellsouth.comCisco Systems Inc. Communications Commission www.fcc.govFocal Communications Inc. www.focal.comInfonetics Research www.infonetics.comInternational Data Corp. www.IDC.comJamcracker Inc. MCI www.worldcom.comMirror Image Internet Myrient www.myrient.comNeuStar Inc. www.ovum.comPacific Bell www.pacbell.comPower Net Global Communications www.powernetglobal.comQwest Communications International Inc. www.qwest.comSAN Valley Systems www.sanvalley.comSAVVIS […]

Wholesale Channel Links

Posted: 11/2001 Wholesale Channel Links   Wholesale Channel Links 3R Soft Inc. www.3rsoft.comAccess One Inc. www.accessoneinc.comAlaska Native Wireless LLC www.attws.comAmeritech Corp. www.ameritech.comATLANTIC-ACM www.atlantic-acm.comBellSouth Corp. www.bellsouth.comCapRock Communications Corp. www.caprock.comCisco Systems Inc. Data Corp. Ltd. www.idc.comEasyLink Services Corp. www.easylink.comElectric Mail Company Inc. www.electricmail.comFederal Communications Commission www.fcc.govFrost & Sullivan www.frost.comGartner Inc. www.gartner.comJamcracker Enterprise Inc. www.jamecracker.comIDC www.idc.comLightyear Communications […]

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