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Why the Palm Pre Plus Is Atrocious

While both acclaim and criticism for the Palm Pre have been relatively mild since the smartphone’s release last summer, a new review rips it like it’s never been ripped before. Sounding a lot like Simon Cowell on just about any episode of American Idol, a blogger for Silicon Alley Insider says he returned his Palm […]

AT&T Accused of Skewing American Idol Results

It’s been over for a week, but the controversies surrounding the latest season of American Idol are just heating up. Major corporate sponsor AT&T is accused of influencing the outcome in favor of winner Kris Allen. The phone giant offered phones with free text-messaging services at parties organized by Allen fans in Arkansas. Only AT&T […]

An American Idol Decline Could Hurt AT&T

Sure, it’s still the biggest thing on television. But naysayers worry about financial problems developing for American Idol that could hurt the future of the series and its sponsor partners like AT&T. Revenue was down more than $4 million in the first quarter compared to last year. The recession was an obvious culprit. AT&T is […]

DialIdol Site Says American Idol Too Close to Call

DialIdol, the Web site/application that measures busy signal rates on American Idol voting phone lines, is really going out on a limb in predicting tonight’s winner: “too close to call.” Sure, give credit where credit is due. The site has picked previous winners from the finale correctly. But this just goes to show a statistical […]

American Idol: Do Phone Lines Skew Results?

Adam or Kris? Kris or Adam? Millions more out there in TV land could like one American Idol contestant over another, but you’d never know it. Wednesday night, Ryan Seacrest might call it “the closest result in Idol history” or use some other superlative to draw the audience closer to the edge of its seat, […]

Dial Idol Predicts American Idol Winners

So you don’t want to sit through the agonizing first 55 minutes of those boring Wednesday night American Idol results shows with lame performances by has-beens? The site claims you don’t even need to watch the last five minutes, because it knows who’s going to win. So how does it work? DialIdol is software […]


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