Podcast: Coffee With Craig & Kevin — ‘Evolving’ All the Way to D.C.

Had a chance to listen to our new podcast series yet?

Every couple of weeks, Channel Partners’ Craig Galbraith and Kevin Morris talk about Channel Partners Evolution in Washington, D.C.

But this isn’t some stale discussion of an event that’s several weeks away. Styled like a morning radio show, this is a lively back-and-forth that will get you excited to be a part of the industry’s premier telecom and IT showcase, Aug. 14-17.

Craig and Kevin have special guests leading up to the show, including those responsible for putting the event together, the exhibitors and sponsors that make it possible — and the attendees who keep us rolling year after year.

This week, Brittany Watts, Channel Partners marketing manager, brings a little female flavor to the boys’ club to talk about special pricing and other promotions you’ll want to take advantage of.{ad}

Oh, and if you like game shows, this podcast is for you.

Listen, then follow Craig and Kevin (and Brittany) on Twitter.

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