Coffee with Craig and James Episode No. 88: Erick Simpson, C3 Technology Advisors

With Channel Partners Virtual just a month away, the guys are gearing up for an event packed with great speakers.

One of those speakers is Erick Simpson, founder and chief strategist at ErickSimpson.com. Simpson will preview his presentation on setting up a business plan, which is even more critical as we start to emerge from the pandemic. He’ll offer up a few tips to get your partner business on the right track.

Also on the show is Matthew Toth, who leads C3 Technology Advisors. Toth has a partner’s perspective on some of the hottest technologies, including UCaaS, SD-WAN and security. He’ll also get inside the head of the customer and share his experiences from those conversations.

All of that, plus Craig and James engage in a “generational clash” to prove which is stronger — Gen X or Gen Y. This author’s bet is on the former, but I’m a little biased.

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