Coffee with Craig and Kevin Episode No. 61: Do You Know This Master Agent?

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It’s master mania on this episode of Coffee with Craig and Kevin!

First, Bryan Reynolds of TBI is back with the second in a series of appearances on the podcast, leading up to his emcee duties as moderator of our 5G, RMM and UCaaS “Thunderdome” panels.

We also get to know about a lesser-known master agent, iTelecom, which will be setting up shop on the Channel Partners Evolution show floor as a new exhibitor just a few weeks from now.

“What’s mostly important to us is our process, making sure we’re always available to our agents, providing unlimited support and vendor management,” said iTelecom’s Joe Davis. “That’s been extremely helpful because our agents generally have their own business model … they’re taking care of their clients. So the last thing they want to do is worry about dealing with vendors or support. So we take that off their plates and offer them extremely competitive compensation.”

Speaking of Evolution, we’ll have a rundown of some of the great education conference tracks at the event, and a discussion about our expanded focus on education for our supplier audience.

All that, plus Kevin “channels” Queen with another edition of our summer game show, “Random Personal Question.” Bring your earplugs!

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