Coffee with Craig and Kevin Episode No. 59: TBI, MSP 501

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The long-awaited MSP 501 rankings are out. Did your company make the list? That’s the focus of this episode of Coffee with Craig and Kevin.

The guys welcome Kris Blackmon, senior editor of the MSP 501, to talk about how MSPs were chosen for the list and the remarkable effort it took to increase the number of applications we received this year by a big number.

“Our community profile has just grown and grown,” said Blackmon. “Last year was a record number for applications, and this year we saw 35% year-over-year growth. So it seems to be one of those programs that’s really resonating and taking off.”

Also on the show is Bryan Reynolds, director of sales operations for master agent TBI. In the first of a series of appearances on Coffee with Craig and Kevin, Reynolds talks about the popularity of online video content his company is producing and previews the upcoming “Thunderdome” series that he hosts at Channel Partners Evolution in Washington, D.C.

“It’s kind of like a live buyer’s guide and you hear it directly from the vendors themselves. If you’re in a competitive sales situation and there are competitors bidding against each other, you don’t necessarily hear them say exactly what they’re saying to the customer. This was a way to get them all in the same room at the same time and ask them pointed questions that customers might ask or partners might ask, and then hold them accountable for what they’re saying.”

Reynolds also bravely participates in our summer series, “Random Personal Question,” where we spin the wheel — round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows.

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