Coffee with Craig and Kevin Episode No. 58: MetTel and the Channel ‘Whammy’

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Don’t “press your luck” with this episode of the podcast!

Craig and Kevin welcome in Max Silber, vice president of mobility with MetTel, who steps into the coffeehouse to explain why 5G is exciting, but we should temper our expectations about how readily available it will be right off the bat.

MetTel's Max Silber

MetTel’s Max Silber

“5G is coming. It will be available in several U.S. cities by the end of the year. And we’ll all be able to enjoy it under one condition — that we all live in our cars,” jokes Silber. “The issue isn’t just the deployment of 5G, it’s really, how do you get that signal inside a building? The narrow band and high frequency that 5G requires in order to give us those ultra fast speeds, don’t really like to penetrate buildings and energy efficient windows the same way that 4G LTE does.”

Thus creates a challenge for wireless suppliers and channel partners.

Silber also touches on the connections between 5G and the internet of things, and how IoT has become an essential part of the MetTel portfolio.

We’ll also bring you some “breaking news” around a special guest, well-known in the IT industry, who will lead the preconference at the upcoming Channel Partners Evolution.

And summer game shows are back! Kevin plays the role of the “channel whammy” as we kick off our new segment, “Random Personal Questions,” which our guests will most likely learn to fear.

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