Coffee with Craig and Kevin Episode No. 53: Choice Business Connections, XaaS1

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Craig and Kevin are coming down off the high from Valentine’s Day in their latest podcast.

Love is in the air when Jim Vicatos, national director of sales at Choice Business Connections, joins the show. In addition to telling us where to find the best bagels and pizza on Long Island, Jim talks about his company’s important relationship with T-Mobile, partner opportunities in IoT and how Choice’s CAMP program is saving customers money.

The guys also feel the love from Rick Beckers, who’s not only a member of the Channel Partners Advisory Board, but also the head of a new company that’s bringing a new approach in digital distribution to the channel.

“It’s an evolution and a collision of everything that’s going on in the world as it pertains to what everybody has hung “industry 4.0″ on … our channel vendors and agents and partners are selling technology things,” says Beckers. “… The digital transformation has turned everything from what used to be an on-premises world to a hybrid world, and you’d now be hard-pressed to find a technology offering that, if it already isn’t subscription-based, the vendors selling those things are already working on how to make their wares subscription-based. XaaS1 … is evolving the channel … [creating] a digital distribution layer … making the channel easier in general with a single-sign-on platform.”

All that and more, including a preview of the Business Success Symposium at the upcoming Channel Partners Conference & Expo and all of the “great ideas” that haven’t quite made the cut for our shows over the past several years.

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