Mastering the 6 Levels of IoT Success

It can be easy to take a follower approach to finding new value through Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. The IoT solutions marketplace is crowded and confusing, and other priorities seem easier and faster to tackle.

But whether or not your company is ready, the Internet of Things is already changing how businesses make profits from products. Hundreds of success stories show how manufacturers with mature IoT capabilities are generating new, recurring revenue streams through efficient connected-product development and delivery.

But getting there is a process of change, both technically and tactically.

To help business leaders understand the requirements of change as they add more connected products to their portfolios, the connected-product maturity model was developed. It is based on best practices gleaned from hundreds of engagements over more than 10 years with product manufacturers from nearly every industry.

Learn the six levels of the Connected Product Maturity Model and plan your path to IoT success. Download the full eBook on our sister website,

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