Case Study Challenge: The Regulatory Imperative

More and more companies are becoming subject to compliance mandates and their specific security requirements. That’s a serious consideration for business executives — and a real opportunity for channel partners. The four winners of our Q3 Case Study Challenge helped clients in different industries find the best solutions to meet their particular compliance and security needs.

5 Business Needs Where Fiber Is a Must-Have

Fiber internet connectivity for businesses can optimize application performance and employee productivity. Channel partners should take a holistic approach to fiber sales, advising clients not only about its benefits, but about the high-quality applications and services it enables as well. This Report looks at five application categories where fiber is essential in obtaining the necessary speed, performance and reliability — and that represent a significant growth market for partners who can deliver these applications on top of a fiber deployment.

UCaaS & Millennials: 8 Reasons Cloud UC Answers Gen Y Needs

Keeping millennials engaged and productive requires adopting next-general tools. This Report provides key guidance on engaging in conversations with customers about unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) to delight millennials and achieve business goals.

Use Data to Close the Customer Security Gap

In this Report, we take a look at what companies need to do to protect themselves from cybercriminals and how you can help your clients make sure it all gets done correctly.

Supporting Telework: A Channel Challenge

This Report examines how partners can help customers resolve concerns about services for telecommuters to open lucrative new business and advisory opportunities.

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