UC Demands Rethinking Disaster Recovery Plans

UC Demands Rethinking Disaster Recovery Plans

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Now that the migration of voice and UC systems to the cloud has ushered in ubiquitous connectivity, your clients — and their customers — expect to be able to make contact 24/7. Ensuring this happens requires good planning and UC system design to minimize the impact of disasters. This Report examines just what is involved in communications disaster planning, as well as the professional services opportunities it presents to partners.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Discover the six questions that will help you determine if clients who think they’re “disaster-proof” really are.
  • Find out how to develop “first-step” plans for backing up each mission-critical system in the event of a failure.
  • Learn how disaster drills should be structured, how often they should be conducted, and who/what should be included.

About the Author

Michael Finneran is a principal at dBrn Associates, a full-service advisory firm specializing in wireless and mobility. Services include research, policy development, purchase analysis, and security/technology assessment. Finneran has worked in the networking field for over 30 years and has operated the practice since 1982. He has published numerous research reports and white papers, and has provided technical and market analysis on the full range of wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, cellular, WiMAX, fixed-mobile convergence and mobile unified communications (mUC).

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