The Science of Sound: How Innovations in Audio Quality Lead to Better Meetings and Brighter Minds

PGi White Paper Science of Sound

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As employees become more mobile, conference calling — long an integral facet of corporate America — becomes an even more vital tool for communication and collaboration. But getting the most out of  conference calls requires high-quality audio. This Whitepaper examines the components of audio quality, from the basic principles of sound production to technological advances in sound reproduction, and how PGi has engineered collaboration software that works with how we hear, not against it.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Review the mechanics of sound and hearing, and how they function in a contemporary environment.
  • Examine the most common audio problems in conference calls and how they can disrupt comprehension and productivity.
  • Find out how the advent of VoIP introduced improved audio quality and expanded usage environments.

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