The Channel Opportunity in Managed Mobility Service

The Channel Opportunity in Managed Mobility Service

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Many businesses and government agencies are issuing mobile connected devices to their workforce in an effort to increase efficiencies and productivity. And of course, issuing mobile devices to workers has indeed increased worker productivity. But it’s also dramatically increased total cost of ownership, with tech support, the need for help desk staffing and multiple accounts and billing cycles all taking a toll on the bottom line and denying organizations much of the implied promise of a connected workforce. Organizations are increasingly turning to mobility management to reduce the burden on internal resources, control expenses and button up security. And this demand has created a projected $70 billion market opportunity.

Takeaways for Your Business

Download this case study to learn about:

  • The landscape of challenges faced by organizations with a mobile workforce
  • How one organization overcame many of these challenges through mobility management
  • The opportunity for channel partners to add value through managed mobility services

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With mobile technology evolving at a rapid pace, usage skyrocketing, rate plans changing and lots of new services and features, corporate mobility programs are stretched thin. The exploding growth of IoT, with all of the potential cost savings and efficiencies it brings, is also bringing a new set of challenges to business.

Wireless Watchdogs has proven solutions, including mobility management and IoT managed services, that give enterprises the tools and support needed to control and streamline their wireless programs, while also reducing wireless invoices by 20 to 40 percent. More than 350 companies across the country entrust their mobile devices to Wireless Watchdogs.

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