Sold on MRR: 3 Strategies to Get to Recurring Revenue Nirvana

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Channel compensation is steadily moving from upfront commissions to monthly recurring revenue. While those who have made the transition swear by it, many channel partners are still resistant. In this Report, Drew Lydecker of Avant Communications and Rich Nowalk of Opex Technologies offer experience-based insights on identifying and addressing the pain points in making the transition from a capex to an MRR model.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Explore expert insights on why MRR is the future and resistance to it is largely a matter of perspective.
  • Discover the most common objections to and misconceptions about MRR.
  • Learn why even though the road map to MRR is different for each company, some considerations should be common to all.

About the Author

James Anderson serves as news editor for Channel Partners. He is in his third year with the publication and recently graduated with a degree in journalism from Arizona State University. His beats with Channel Partners include SD-WAN and large telecommunications providers. He has served as a moderator for multiple panels at Channel Partners events.

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