Seller’s Guide: IP Telephony Today

Seller's Guide: IP Telephony Today

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It seems as though more choices come online every day for customers looking to keep their phone systems up to date. As a trusted adviser, do you know all the nuances of on-premises versus hosted, softphones versus desk sets and more? In this Report, we’ll outline decision points for modern IP telephony systems, from security to support for mobile users, and share experts’ advice for selling IP telephony solutions.

Takeaways for Your Business

We’ll address:

  • Does the accelerated growth of cloud-based providers spell the end of on-premises deployments? Analysts weigh in.
  • Why the pitch for IP telephony should not be a feature-set driven discussion, but instead should revolve around business benefits.
  • Why voice quality of service may not be as high on the priority list as you’d expect.

About the Author

As a contributing editor for Channel Partners, Edward Gately covers new channel programs and program changes, and tracks M&A and other IT channel trends. Prior to Informa, he spent 26 years as a newspaper journalist in Texas, Louisiana and Arizona.

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