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Demand for SD-WAN — key to empowering digital transformation — is escalating.  To ensure an industry standard definition of and requirements for an SD-WAN service, the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) last summer debuted the MEF SD-WAN Service Attributes and Service Standard (MEF 70) They also launched the MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Certification Program, requirements for which are outlined in a 57-page document.

This report will look at:

  • Key elements of MEF 70
  • Why industry leaders are embracing the certification program
  • How MEF 70 can boost SD-WAN sales success

About the Author

Buffy Naylor is managing editor of Channel Futures & Channel Partners. Prior to joining Informa (then VIRGO) in 2008, she was an award-winning copywriter and editor, then senior manager of corporate communications for an international leisure travel corporation and, before that, in charge of creative development and copywriting for a boutique marketing and public relations agency.

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