Remote Site Slowdowns? 3 Last-Mile Fiber Fixes

Remote Site Slowdowns

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Remote sites are a fact of life. Customers have branch offices, manufacturing facilities, retail or restaurant locations, distributed campus networks and contact centers that must be managed, and managed well. As a trusted adviser, your goal should be to maximize uniformity, performance and cost efficiency. To that end, fiber in the last mile has much to offer now, and in the future.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Taking fiber through the last mile can provide increased bandwidth to facilitate more services and applications.
  • Last-mile fiber can be broken into multiple logical links, providing flexibility in bandwidth utilization.
  • Last-mile fiber facilitates bandwidth calendaring to meet specific needs for a particular time of day or function.

About the Author

Russ White is a widely known speaker and author who has worked in the networking industry for more than 20 years. He has spoken at venues such as Cisco Live, NANOG, LACNOG and Interop, been active in the IETF and ISOC, and co-authored 10 books on networking technology. He holds a master’s degree in networking technologies from Capella University and a master’s degree in Christian literature, CCIE 2635, CCDE 2007:001 and the CCAr.

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